Saturday, 19 April 2014

Earn money from Qmee(Qmee for all countries)

Hello guys, First of all i want to tell you about qmee. Qmee gives money to users for clicking on its ads, but sadly it is only for United States(U.S) and United Kingdom(U.K). But now Qmee is available for all countries by my trick. I'm from India and i will show you qmee working well in my country for me. I'm here to teach you this trick step by step.
Yes, Qmee is now available outside USA and UK. Run Qmee from any country or at any country. Qmee is available for almost all countries that are India,  China,  Russia, Germany, France, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates(dubai), Italy, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Egypt, Ireland, Scotland, Indonesia and many more countries. Is Qmee works in India yes it works, Just follow these simple steps.
  1. Go to and then you will this page

Now click on Free Downlaod and get the software(size-1 mb)

2. Now run this software and it will automatically connect with server like this

3. Now go to and click on "Sign Up" . There you will find that it is only available for USA or UK, but don't worry(you are currently connected to USA IP because of that software) just put your email address and click on Register.

4. Now check your email account you will find a email like this
If you are not connected to that software then you will get a mail like this

5. Now you are successfully created your qmee account. Go to and log in to your account and click on "Get Qmee" and a extension will be install on your browser.
6. Now you are able to see qmee ads on your browser and you will be paid for clicking on these ads.

7. Your qmee account will be credited by thses clicks and you can see here my account i earned $1.56 in one day.

The best thing about Qmee is that it has no minimum payout limit, you can simply click on "cash please" button whenever you need your earnings. Your earnings will be credited in your PayPal account in few minutes like this

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Friday, 18 April 2014

All About Google Adsnese

How To Apply For Google Adsense

• You can apply to Google Adsense from your personal website.(Don’t worry if you don’t have website you can also make money without website Just Click Here)
• Just sign up at
• You have to submit the URL of your website at the time of signing up.
• Google will review your website and if it find your website good then it will allow you to create your first ad and you have to place that ad on your website.(There will be only blank ad at that time)
• Once you place that ad on your website Google will review your website again and then if your website will complies with Adsense policies then you got approval.
•  From the above points it is clear that its very difficult to get approval from Google Adsense.
•  So, I have a legal trick for you to get an instant approval  from Google Adsense
    (Click here and get approved) Trick  to get Approval

Easy Way To Earn Money

        Once you get approved, You can earn money by giving your knowledge in your blog (you can write a blog at and by uploading videos at YouTube. You have to connect your blog to Adsense like this
      (Connect your adsense account to your blog by clicking there.)
      Click here to see "How to connect YouTube Videos with Adsense"
      You can see ads on my blog and ads on YouTube will be like this

       When someone click on these ads you will get money about $0.01-$1 per click. Always try to give a good stuff for users that will attract more traffic for your blog because more you get the traffic, more you get the clicks and more clicks means more earning. Don't ever click on your ads you can't fool Google, Google is very good in finding fake clicks if you click on your ads Google will terminate your Adsense Account.

Getting Money From Google Adsense

      Once you have your blogs and videos linked to Adsense then the earnings will start like this
        Cost Per Click varies from 0.01$ to 1$. If you want more earnings then you need more traffic on your blogs and videos, you will get traffic if you have good, meaningful and useful material for others. When your earnings reach at $10 Google sends a letter to your given address with a pin in it, to verify your address. You have to verify your address by putting that pin in your Adsense account.(AdSense Verifies your address for sending you payment) And you will get your first payment when your earnings reach at $100. Your earnings will be finalized at every 7th of the month and YouTube Earnings will be finalized before 15th of the month. And the payments will send to you after the 30 days of exceeding payment threshold which is $100.

Payment of Google Adsense/Payment Schedule

     Payment method of Google Adsense are
     •EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).
     •Western Union Money Transfer. 

 Payment Method Of AdSense for India

    AdSense sends payment to India only by Checks  It has two options which are
  • Secured express delivery.
  • Standard delivery.
   Secured Express Delivery - It is the safest method, you can track your cheque by tracking number sends to you by AdSense, but it charge about  $25. And it will shipped by DHL Courier service. If you have less earnings then it is not good to use this method because if your payment amount is $100 then your 1/4 earning will spent in this service. (Delivery with in 10 days of the date of payment issued)
  Standard Delivery -  In this method, your cheque will delivered to you within 30 days of payment date. It is free service and delivered by BlueDart. You can track your payment by putting payment number in BlueDart's website at reference number. If your area is not covered by BlueDart then it will be send to you by Indian Post EMS. Click Here to know "How to track AdSense payment by India Post EMS"

How to Cash Out Google AdSense Cheque

Cheques issued to india are of CitiBank so its better to have a CitiBank account, don't worry if you don't have CitiBank account you can go to any bank in which you have your account. Cheque will get cleared in maximum time period of 21 days. Generally it takes 3-4 days but it takes 21 days if there is no branch of CitiBank in your District. If you go through CitiBank then your Cheque will get cleared in 24 hours.

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